Find a Compelling Elevator Speech and Double Your Sales

Find a Compelling Elevator Speech and Double Your Sales
  • What’s an elevator speech?

An elevator speech is a one-to-five minute description of your product or service. It is typically spoken by someone who is introducing himself to the audience or is talking to a job applicant.

  • Who needs an elevator speech?

Everybody. If you’re getting ready to start a conversation with someone, you should have an succinct and compelling elevator speech you can rely on to tell the other person what you do. It is always faster and easier to pique someone’s interest than it is to try to describe your qualifications.

A good elevator speech is as simple as this. “I’m a virtual assistant and I do everything aWord processor could do but I employ a highly effective time-saving method to make my clients more productive and downsize my office life.”

Create an opening

An opening can consist of a few paragraphs of Setting the scene, introducing yourself and outlining your product or service, and summing up the business reason for your exchange with the other person.

Amenities for the elevator speech

You can include a few items that will make your elevator speech as simple and compelling as possible. Benefits, benefits, benefits! You can include anything positive you wish to mention about your occupation to the other person so that he will be interested in hearing more. Your elevator speech is like your One- departure card. It is a summary of what you do and should be interesting or enticing enough to your listener to want to know if you can benefit him.

The advantages of an effective elevator speech

Most people fear what they are going to say when they describe themselves. It takes practice to master an elevator speech. Since so few people actuallybuster with an elevator speech, the odds are highly likely that many more people will be prompted to hear more about the contents of your elevator speech.

In order to create an effective elevator speech that will help you close more sales, you first must have a compelling elevator speech. This is a powerful tool to help gain the interest of your audience and get them interested. It’s essential not to take this subject lightly. You may even need to practice it a few times before you find it to be just right. Here are some helpful tips for creating a compelling elevator speech:

  1. Write out the first few words with a pen and paper
  2. Find some prospects in the office, at the trade show, at the networking event. Ask them questions about their business or occupation (for example, I could say, “We had to downsize our office but it was going to take three people over three years to get it all portable, so we put together a team of two of each). The next step is to get poker88.
  3. Now, take your memorized speech and sound it out. Record it on your computer to hear how it sounds to you. These are just a few pointers to keep in mind the next time you need insist upon hoising a few dollars.

Your sales prospects will want more about your qualifications before they will be comfortable with you. Give it to them quickly and succinctly and they will be grateful and eager to learn more. Your next steps will take place.

Copyright 2004 Lleen M. Dobbie

  • Words — create a power statement
  • Slogans — get some catchy ones to say, ” this is what I do”
  • Actions — what’s on your list of to do’s. In other words, you have the work to do
  • Interest- grab their interest
  • Concise language — keep it short, sweet and to the point
  • Verify your statements with the prospect

Use numbers to emphasize important points — for example, — “You can measure the success of the program by…” or “The money spent here on CRM can increase your company sales by as much as 5%”.