Email Marketing and The Click bank 259 Commission Formula

Email Marketing and The Click bank 259 Commission Formula

In this admit era of how fast the Internet is growing in a way that we’ve never seen in a previous century. There are cell phones that have a downloaded SI unit of gold or they have their own clock. And, we are now connected to new people everyday through “wireless” or “3G” and they almost have their own time now. We are no longer on a collective but individual level with one another. It just takes a little some work and persistence though.

One of the ways online marketers could do this is to sell the huge amounts of books or ezines / newsletters that have been available in the past by their few elite publishers such as… us! While it is certainly true that they have had great success selling the massive amount of ezines to their new subscribers, it is also true that many of those people, via the phenomenon of “Affiliate networks” will not have generated a tremendous income for them because they have tried to pitch it to the reader and, thus, omitted and underutilized the opportunity to sell because they’ve learned the hard way, “only sell that which interests you.”

Many of the merchants who have learned the hard way have realized that sending out free ezine subscriptions is the way to do it! Little beginner marketers make the mistake of buffering through a sign up form and immediately starting by promoting their products or sending them to a place where they can buy stuff or buy online. There is a “learning curve” that they have to go through and they just aren’t ready to make the big jump. They don’t have the know how and the technical know how to do this.

That is why affiliate publishers are so popular in the marketplace. They don’t have an over mass of product to sell. They have learned how to market and are trying to find out to what works and what doesn’t work in this area. It takes some time and learning some new skills but the knowledge and resources they need to do so is there to work. So it is a win-win situation for everyone. People benefit because they no longer have to buy, mail or wait for mail to arrive and can receive the free ezines or some are offered to them. So they become “all the pokerace99” marketers without are busy all day.

The Click Bank ixtures everything’s best so it’s easy for the folks who want to reach more people and increase their Internet sales. The merchant has done their homework and is now in complete control of their daily income(s). They are happy to share their list and when they send it out there for free the affiliates also benefit. They feel they have something of value for the reader to take advantage of when they subscribe. As long as the free newsletters are informative and offer them something of value, like a free report or ebook, they will don’t mind downloading it.

For the subscribers the great thing is that when they receive the free newsletter they are at least two weeks ahead of the other marketers. They know how many other marketers there are until they are ahead of those who are sending emails out today and they will be closer to their goal of making sales before the others who are just starting out. It’s a great formula for overall success and sales.

So in the long run it’s well worth being an affiliate marketer, at least for them not to be worrying about the many complaints from merchants who chose to not offer free subscriptions. It sure beats pounding their heads out!