Texas Hold Em Poker Tip – Playing Suited Cards

In Texas Hold Em Poker, if you have two similar cards in the same suit, such as two eights or two threes, it is a “suited card” and can be a very powerful hand. The reason for this is because of the fact that if you get two cards of the same denomination on the flop, you have a good likelihood of hitting a flush, or at least to make a set.

The next time you are sitting at a Texas Hold Em Poker table, remember that if you have two cards of the same denomination, you may have a good chance of hitting a set. This is simply because you have two eights or two threes. There are no flush cards in two cards of the same denomination. While there are card rankings with Ace being the highest and followed by the King, Queen, Jack, Ten and then so on, those cards are much lower than two cards of the same denomination.

The Two Cards Of The Same denomination

In the middle of the road, there are two cards of the same denomination. While there are no guarantees that you will get a good hand with these cards, the chances are that you will at least have a shot at a good hand. In most cases, you will probably not win a big pot with these cards, but you may take down some small pots.

Three Cards Of The Same denomination

The next three cards are of the same denomination, but in different suits. Of course, you can only have three cards of the same denomination in the same suit, such as three sixes. There are no other possibilities, such as having a set of threes or fives.

Once again, you probably will not win the big pots, but you may win enough small ones to give you a profit.

An Even More Profitable Single Pair

The best single pair is two cards of the same rank. While there are no guarantees, you can at least win a pot with this pair more often than not. And, because you have a larger pair, you can win more money.

The reason you want to do this is because your opponents will not put you on any specific hand. If you call a bet on the flop and hit a pair, you can get paid off again on the turn. You may not do this every time, but you should be willing to give it a shot when you have a nice hand to win big.

To score a set, you need to have two cards of the same rank on the same card. Once again, you may want to try this on the flop, turn and river.

A Four Of A Kind

Once you reach the middle to late stages of a dewagg game, you are usually hoping to double up or get a big hand to build a large pot. It is during these times that you should keep building the pot on your opponents by calling big bets.

The only time you should call is if you have a pocket pair. Even if you have Estes or something like that, you want to make sure you have some sort of a hand.

calling to try and hit a set is usually not advisable. However, if you have Aces full, you may call a small bet on the flop to see the turn if you hit your set.

Keeping these in mind, you will once again have a strong hand when you are dealt a pocket pair. You can also benefit from playing more than one hand in multi-table tourneys or tournaments. While your bankroll may be limited, you can always buy-in for more money and multiply your stack by 10% or so.

Before shoving your chips in pre-flop, make sure you know the position of your opponents and their current hand strength. They may just all have KQ suited or almost flopped a set, and if you shove in a small amount, they may call you with awful cards. If you can, call a small bet on the flop to see the turn on cheap re-raise if you hit your set.

Different opponents will require different tactics in different spots. Pay attention to their play and you will get a much better idea of what cards they may have than the cards you may have.

Always remember to adjust your strategy to the players at your table. Against players who raise pre-flop more than others, you can call to see the flop. against tight players, you can go the opposite way. Good Luck!

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