Starting Hands in Poker Part 2 – Position

What you have to understand really well – all poker hands have the ability to increase or decrease their value according to the position you are in at the poker table. For example getting dealt Ace King on button is much better than being dealt the same hand under the gun. Why? Because under the gun you have absolutely no clue as to what other people at the table are holding. You could raise all you wanted and steal the blind, but if you never know when you’re beat you’re going to lose chips the hard way.

So lets say you raise with AA and the button calls. The flop comes 3s 7h. Top pair right? Wrong. If you bet this flop as if you have absolutely no fear and you Think you have the best hand it is going to cost you a lot of your chips. Lets say your outkicked by a donkey chasing a straight and you lose to a full house. You think you played the hand well and you probably did,But you lost money because you diamond tight when you could have probably folded and it cost you too much.

When you play poker you want to be able to make decisions quickly and easily. If you are unable to make a decision and no matter what you do your opponent is likely to bet and you will have no idea as to what they have. In the same way a good poker player knows that if he has a good hand he is likely to make his opponent call by the end of the hand. However, there is a difference between a good poker player and a world class poker player. The good player is not going to sit back and wait for premium hands. They are going to value bet to get value bets and they will steal blinds and antes to build their stack.

The next crucial area of remipoker for any top level player is being able to play poker and hold your own. If you are not going to be a top level poker player then you are not going to be able to hold your own and be a top level poker player. You need to be able to make some big moves and learn to adjust in such a way that you are not predictable. If you are always making your every move the other players are going to be able to call you down. So you need to vary your style of play and be able to do so without losing face. However, the other reason to varying your style is so that you are forcing your opponents to be overly cautious on every hand.

The final area of poker that you really need to have some skill in is being able to read your opponent’s hand. Not only does this help you with your play, but it also helps with your selection of cards during flops. crowds are the worst when it comes to hands. People are horrible at playing hands. They get called more often than they should and throw away the best hands when they don’t have to. The best way to be able to make accurate reads on your opponents is by having a good read on them yourself. You can do this by taking careful notes and watching every hand they play, even when you are not in the hand. What you have to remember is that when you play loose you still need to have a tight image, even when you’re got good cards. Tight is still better than being passive, and being aggressive without tight play is just asking for trouble.

This is the Ultimately Only Easy part

You are going to get sucked out on at some point, so you have to learn to accept it. You are also going to have cold streaks where you get nothing for your money and your bankroll. Learn to push these aside and focus on the things that are going to make you a better poker player in the long run. The long run is going to make you a lot of money playing poker, so don’t focus your attention on things that are going to be difficult to you, just focus on the things that you are going to make money with.

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